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The Allport Project

The Allport Project is designed to support and recognize students who choose to work above and beyond the required curriculum in psychology. The goals of the Allport Project are to help students further develop fundamental research and applied skills, to socialize students within the academic community, to prepare students for graduate school and careers, and to recognize students' scholarly accomplishments.

Who Can Participate?

Any psychology major who is interested in gaining valuable research or applied experience should get involved. If you are currently involved in a research lab group, working on an independent study with a faculty member or graduate student or working on an honors thesis project with a psychology faculty advisor you are already involved in Allport related activities and should take the steps to register for the program so that you can be recognized for your efforts. If you have been involved in psychology related internship (including the "internships in Clinical Psychology" course) or if you have extensive community service experience in a psychology related field then you should also officially register for the Allport Project.

The Allport Senior Awards

The Department of Psychology presents a number of Allport Awards to outstanding graduating Allport participants who have gone beyond the confines of the classroom in applying psychology related skills research, teaching, and community service settings and who have met the following criteria:

Allport Scholar Award

To be considered for an Allport Scholar Award, students must complete at least two activities in each of the following skill areas: computer/technology, written communication, research methodology, and oral communication.

Allport Applied Award

To be considered for Allport Award for Excellence in Applied Psychology students must complete at least two activities in each of the following skill areas: applied service and experience, written communication and oral presentation

Allport award recipients will receive a letter of commendation from the Chair of the Department of Psychology and will be formally recognized at the department's annual commencement reception.

Further Questions? Contact:

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