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Undergraduate Program in Psychology

The Psychology Department offers serveral academic and research opportunities for students. These include a bachelor of arts (BA) major, bachelor of science (BS) major, and a minor. Students planning to pursue a career in which a background in psychology is useful, such as business, communications, or social services, will find the BA degree to be an appropriate track. Students interested in pursuing professional or research careers in psychology are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor for advice on whether the BA or BS degree is most appropriate to meet their long-term goals.


The Student Support Office is located on the fourth floor of Huntington Hall room 420. Staff are available to assist with routine advising matters, including information about the psychology curriculum, how to declare a psychology major and help with adding or dropping classes. Questions can be emailed to the team here:

The Student Support Office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 4:30 pm

Reasons to drop-in include:

  • Review degree progress
  • Pre-registration/course selection questions
  • Discuss Major curriculum
  • Obtain signature on minor applications
  • Drop off signed BS Sponsor forms

If it becomes evident that you have more extensive questions or issues than you realized, you may be asked to schedule an appointment.

Most graduate school and internship/career questions are best addressed during a scheduled appointment with your faculty advisor.